Zedvance: Requirements, Interest rate, Get Up to N5million Naira

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Do you need an instant loan of N5million naira to solve your immediate problem, Zedvance can assist you with that.

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Zedvance can assist you with a loan up to N5million naira on the condition that you are in a paid employment.
Before we proceed with the articles lets start by explaining what this Zedvance is all about and the processes involved in it.

What is Zedvance

Zedvance is a loan system created by Zedvance Limited with the aim of helping employees meet their immediate financial problems.
Zedvance Limited is a customer finance agency in Nigeria and just we have stated, they offer up to N5million naira with a loan tenor of up to 18 months.

Types of loans offered by Zedvance

According to research, we got to understand that system offers five different types of loans to their customers and these loans are listed below.

  • Zedvance student loan

Do you need a loan to meet with your educational goal or your children’s education, You can get up to N5million naira loan from Zedvance in Nigeria.

  • Zedvance personal loan

Do you have any pressing personal needs? with this loan provider you can get the need solved through their loan services.
Also, they do not only offer personal loans to an individual they can as well provide loans to a group of people but it’s mostly for groups of people with the same purpose or objective.

  • Zedvance business loan

This business loan is another golden opportunity for Nigerian who wants to embark on a business deal but doesn’t have enough cash to push it forward.
Image Zedvance offering you an N5million naira loan to finance your business isn’t that a great starting point for you…I presume YES.

  • Zedvance nano

The Nano is a structured digital financing service targeted for small amounts usually lower than the micro-financing loan tickets.
It is an instant short term loan designed to take care of those moments where you need to bridge gaps in finances for a short while.
The loan application and disbursement process take place in under 5 minutes and the repayable term is within 15 days.

  • Zedvance Payroll 

Personal credit granted to salary earners employed by either a private or public organization for monthly loan repayment.
These loans are typically backed by salary payments and provided repayment instruments are used to achieve collections till loan expiry.

Zedvance loan eligibility/qualification

Before you think of applying for a loan on Zedvance, you have to consider the following;

  • You must be in paid employment.
  • You must fall within the age range of 22-years to 55-years old.
  • You must have an active salary account.

Zedvance loan requirements/documents

  1. 1 passport photograph.
  2. A valid means of identification (International passport, Driver license or National ID card).
  3. Six months up to date salary statement of account which will be sent directly from your bank to statement@Zedvance.com.
  4. An employee ID card.
  5. Employment letter.
  6. NUBAN Cheques or direct debit Mandate.
  7. If you are an outsourced employee or your employer has not been confirmed, you will be required to provide a guarantor who must be a permanent staff of your firm and must have capital.

How to apply for a Zedvance loan

Haven gotten all the necessary documents listed above, go to online.zedvance.com, then click on “Apply now” sign up and proceed to apply for a loan.
You can chat Zee on WhatsApp on 09060003933 or call on 07001001000 or you can visit their office at 177A, Ligali Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria.
You can as well visit their official website and below is some information you need to provide during your Zedvance registration;

  • Email.
  • A valid phone number.
  • Your BVN will be used for verification purposes.
  • Date of birth.
  • Referral (it’s optional, you can skip it if you don’t have any).
  • Finally, create a password for your account.

Zedvance loan repayment

Just like the other lending companies which you can pay back your loan on or before the agreed date.
Note that you will pay extra charges if you fail to pay back on the agreed date.
You can make repayment using any of the listed bank accounts details, always remember that the account numbers are Zedvance Limited.

  • 2534371015 FCMB
  • 0154079762 GTBank
  • 5100132957 Heritage Bank
  • 1013850266 Zenith Bank
  • 0690292585 Access Bank
  • 0054733517 Diamond Bank

However, if you start getting paid on a different date, you can also change your repayment date on Zedvance, you will probably incur more charges.
Failure to make a repayment of your loan on the agreed date, Zedvance will probably report you to your employer and also report you to the credit bureau and as a result of that, getting a loan from other loan providers will be difficult for you.

Zedvance interest rate

Their interest rate differs from person to person, it means that the interest rate Mr. A gets will be totally different from the interest rate Mr. B will get and it also depends on the loan tenor.
For instance, if you borrow N50,000 from Zedvance Limited for a period of 3 months, it will be placed on a monthly repayment of N18,616.67, which will amount to N55,850.01 for the period of 3 months.
Furthermore, if you borrow the same N50,000 from Zedvance Limited for a period of six months, you will be placed on a monthly repayment of N10,283.33 which will amount to N61,699.98.
The longer you want the loan the more interest you pay.

Zedvance customer care/service

If you enter any technical difficulty while applying for the loan, you can contact Zedvance through phone at 07001001000 or email them at customercare@zedvance.com.
You can as well visit their office at 177A, Ligali Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria.

Zedance referral program

you can earn up to N50,000 Naira by referring friends, family or colleagues to take a Zedvance loan using your referral link. Earn up to N50,000 on an N5million Naira loan.
If you have any questions on their services, you can reach us through our contact page we are ever ready to attend to your questions.
If you are not employed don’t worry you are not left behind, you can get a loan from other lending companies like Carbon paylater, Renmoney, and Branch.

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