Quickcheck loan: Requirements, Interest rate, Contact Number, How To Apply

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Quickcheck loan: Let’s start by saying that Quickcheck loan is 100% legit, thou there are some problems you might encounter while applying for the Quickcheck loan, and they are listed below.

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  • There customer care service sometimes may not be the best and your progress with this article, you will get to know alternatives to those problems.
  • Sometimes, getting a second loan after making a repayment of the first one may be a little bit difficult.
  • They are always issues in the Quickcheck loan app which the company is trying to fix, issues like verifying your card on the loan app and also registering on the app.

With the customer’s reviews, we read online, you can still get a loan on Quickcheck if you encounter any technical problem ( As complained by some of their customers) if you encounter such a problem, kindly contact them using any social media platform that will be listed in this articles.

What is Quickcheck loan?

Quickcheck is a platform more focuses more on helping Nigerians meet there various financial needs.

Furthermore, we learned that the highest amount an individual can access Quickcheck is N30,000 this is because they are a microfinance company.

How to apply for a loan on Quickcheck loan

All applications must be completed on your android device. You can begin your Quickcheck application by downloading and installing the Quickcheck app from the Google play store. After downloading the app, sign in with your Facebook details and fill the provided fields correctly.

Bear in mind that you cannot change your login on the Quickcheck loan app after signing.

NOTE: If you are getting a loan for the first time, you will probably get N10,000 or even lesser.

Quickcheck will give you a grace of 30 days to pay back your loan.

Quickcheck loan requirements

  • A cell phone.
  • Your account details.
  • Bank Verification Number.
  • Facebook details.
  • No collateral needed.

Quickcheck loan repayment

There are many ways by which you can repay your loan, first, you can make repayment through USSD code *402*00100834*amount#.

You can also make a repayment of your loan using your Debit card or bank transfer/bank deposit.

Here at Nedler, we do advise all our reader to pay back their loan as at when due, failure to do so will attract some penalties like reporting you to the credit bureau in Nigeria and as a result of that, you may not be able to access another loan not only on Quickcheck but on other loan providers around the country and sometimes they do go far as affecting your employment.

How can I download the Quickcheck loan app?

Getting the QuickCheck App is easy and simple, all you have to do is to visit your Google play store in your mobile device then search for QuickCheck loan app or click HERE to download the app.

Alternative to Quickcheck loan.

There are many alternatives to Quickcheck which we have discussed on the website, these alternatives are as followed; Carbon paylater, Renmoney, Branch, Palmcredit, Quickteller, and QuickCheck.

Quickcheck contact number

We regret to tell you that Quiickcheck does not have any contact number as of the time of writing this Quickcheck review.

There are many other ways in which you can contact Quickcheck and that is;

Why was my Quickcheck loan application rejected?

Your loan application can be rejected due to some reasons such as:

  • Users may not have enough available data for proper evaluation.
  • User owes another money lending platform (Keeping a bad credit score).
  • Users loan exceeds 30% per of his/her monthly income.
  • Users may have a bad loan history.
  • The system noticed any form of data falsification.
  • Users may not meet the Quickcheck lending criteria.

Who is eligible to apply for Quickcheck Loan?

Nigerian adults with a good credit score. You can access the loan services from anywhere part of Nigeria as long as you are eligible and you own an android phone.

Can I pay back in installment?

To make loan repayment easier and flexible, you can make weekly payments. All you need to do is to toggle the “installment or one-off payment” button while applying for a new loan and it will automatically calculate and show you the amount you are to pay each week.

Is my data safe with Quickcheck?

Yes, Quickcheck holds every piece of information about you in high esteem and we do not share with any other individual or institution. Your data is stored in an encrypted format and no one can have access to them unless they are granted.

How loan does it take for my loan to be a credit to my account?

Quickcheck will send your loan within 24hours of application if your loan request is granted.
Do notify them if after 24 hours your loan is yet to be credited, check your bank account directly as you may not receive an alert.

Quickcheck loan interest rate

With Quickcheck, you can get up to N30,000 and also get an interest rate as low as 1% per day which is 30% per month.

Wrap Up on Quickcheck loan

All the procedures and processes in getting a loan from Quickcheck in Nigeria is easy so as long as you have downloaded and installed the Quickcheck loan app from your good play store or Apple play store, sign up and apply before you know what is happening, you are already on your way of getting a loan.


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