Piggyvest: Earn 15% Of Your Savings And Over 25% Returns On Investment

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Piggyvest, here is another digital banking in Nigeria “online savings” that helps you save on daily, weekly or monthly bases with ease.

The digital bank is said to be the largest and most trusted means of online saving in Nigeria and most other countries with over fours (4) years of experience and according to result, they have saved and invested trillions of naira since they were established and has kept a good and recommend result over the years.

The most interesting part of this digital banking is that they have been securely recording over N1,000,000,000 (One Billion) savings every blessed month for their customers and it seems like they are just getting started, this means that they are yet to save more and more.

Without wasting much of your time on stories about the digital bank, let’s quickly look at some interesting parts of this platform and how they have helped Nigerian individuals and most other foreign countries secure a leaving with their tremendous means of saving.

In this article, we will explain what Piggyvest is all about and everything relating to Piggyvest like ‘how you can invest on the platform, how to choose the right plan on the platform, how you can start saving on the platform, how much you can start with, if the platform is safe, how secure is your money on the platform, their referral program, and many more.

Let’s start with explaining what Piggyvest is all about

What is Piggyvest?

Piggyvest which is formerly known as Piggybank.ng is an app like digital banking platform with over four years of saving and investment experience which is aimed at helping its users save and invest in the future.

With this particular platform, you can limit your daily, weekly or monthly spending and grow funds that you do not want to use and the most interesting part of this platform is that you can choose to save a little

How to start saving on Piggyvest

How do I start saving on Piggyvest?
  • First, visit the official Pggyvest website pr download the app to create your account.
  • Secondly, set up your withdrawal account details, the account you will add is where your withdrawn funds will be deposited to.
  • Thirdly, enter your debit card details to activate your Piggyvest account then make your first deposit. Note that Piggyvest accepts all kinds of cards both Mastercard, Visa card, Verve card from all Nigerian commercial banks.
  • Finally, proceed and use any of the savings plan to get started on your savings which can be daily, weekly or monthly.

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How much can I save on Piggyvest

Are you thinking about the amount you can save on Piggyvest, don’t worry we are here for you just read below;
You can start your saving journey on Piggyvest with the amounts listed below;

  • N50 – N25,000 daily savings.
  • N1000 – N100,000 weekly savings.
  • N3000 – N500,000 monthly savings.

Note that you can at any time top up your savings through the Quicksave option on the Piggyvest platform which will allow you top up to N500,000 at once.
Take a minute to register on the platform HERE

Are there any charges from my bank when I deduct from my account to fund my Piggyvest account?

Absolutely no, you won’t be charged a dine from your bank when you fund your Piggyvest account

Is Piggyvest safe/ secure to invest or save on?

Yes, the platform is safe and secured to save or invest in, this is because all financial information is encrypted and stored to PCI DSS Level 1 compliant standards. PCI DSS Level 1 compliance is a set of rules stated by credit card companies and audited by an independent third party.

Piggyvest head office

We believe that you as their customer or aspiring customer will love to know where Piggyvest head office is located..don’t worry we get you covered;

The Piggyvest head office is located at Tesmot House, 3 Abdulrahman Okene Close, Off Ligali Ayorinde, Victoria Island Lagos state Nigeria.
Take a minute to register on the platform HERE

Piggyvest contact number

If you in any way encounter any problem while registering on the platform, investing or choosing a savings plan, you can contact a Piggyvest customer care representative on 0700 933 933 933, they are 24 hours ready to attend to your calls.

Piggyvest email address

Just like we said earlier on if you have any problem registering or investing on the platform, feel free to reach out to Piggyvest customer representative through email at contact@piggyvest.com 

Piggyvest interest rate?

The system has two major types of interest rate which are listed below;

  1. Firstly interest on savings which is 10% to 15.5%.
  2. Then secondly, interest on investment which is 25% and above.

Is Piggyvest legit or scam?

Yes we can boldly say that Piggyvest is pure legit

This is because they have maintained a good record ever since they can into existence so you shouldn’t be afraid of investing or saving on Piggyvest it’s 100% safe and trusted. The platform has been tested and trusted by over 500k downloads from Google play store and over 1 million direct registration on their official website.

Piggyvest App

Apart from the direct website registration on the Piggyvest official website, you can also get along on the platform just by downloading their official mobile app.

All you need to do is to visit Google play store, search the Piggyvest mobile app then download and install, finally fill in the required fields.
Click HERE to download.

Piggyvest referral program

Piggyvest is not only for investing and saving, but you can also make some side income just by referring people to register on the platform.

Once you refer a friend to join Piggyvest and they joined, you will get an instant N1000 safe lock bonus.
Take a minute to register on the platform HERE

How to register on Piggyvest

Registration on the platform is very simple all you need to do is;

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. Navigate to the sign up if you are yet to register.
  3. Fill in the required field.
  4. Submit.
  5. Click on activate account.
  6. Fill in your debit card details and account number then you are good to go.

Some few testimonies of users

Testimony by Mr. Clement Makinwa

My name is Mak Clement. Hmm, this is not just Piggyvest l call it Destiny solution. I worked online mostly because I’m an education consultant. I have been struggling to save money all my life, not that l don’t have various accounts but something that will make me cultivate saving discipline culture until l saw the piggy vest advert online. l casually fill the online registration with all my details which l don’t do often at all, no matter what the opportunity looks like, you know what l mean to surrender all my bank account details. It was after l was through that l asked myself what happened to me, but down the line l know it was piggyvest spirit that helps destiny financially that overwhelmed me. I casually feel N1000 daily even with time after 8.00 pm. Within a short period, l have saved over 40k for the first time in my life without. am over 50yrs. l cannot believe this, someone should pls wake me up from this trance, is it real! PIGGYDESTINYVEST you are my companion till eternity. I’m a graduate of finance, yet l was not disciplined enough to keep money aside until l came across this spirit sent idea. Since l created my account l have never bothered to look back or to feel l want to make a withdrawal, whereas if the money was in my normal account with ATM in my hand, it will go for something else. THIS IS REAL. I WILL PREACH THE FINANCIAL GOSPEL TO MILLIONS. I MEAN BECAUSE OF I’M A PASTOR BY HIS GRACE. All those on board wait for me and see me becoming another ”Dangote via saving investment opportunities. PIGGYDESTINYVEST l will wear you every day. Thank you..

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Testimony by Mr. Ukpono Obott

I once had a piggybank box while growing up and it was always a good means of saving money as a child. Today, piggyvest gives me the ability to do more and earn interest while putting aside some money as savings. Imagine saving 1000 naira every week for a year or 500 naira as the case may be, it will amount to something big. Setting up autosave reduces the stress for you. I have started my piggyvest journey setting aside a specific sum every week, I invite you to check it out too. It’s all wonderful..

Testimony by Mr. JOHN O.

Piggyvest has helped me build consistency in saving. Since I started 6 months ago, I’ve been saving daily with so much ease”

Testimony by Mr. EBOH E.

Piggyvest truly is amazing. I’ve been able to save more effectively this year and reach targeted goals with ease. On top of that, I get good interests on my savings upfront. I love piggyvest..

Testimony by Mr. OWOEYE P.

Piggyvest has helped me in saving for future purposes, for example when I have much piggyvest help me to save till when am in need of money. it is a wonderful app for budgeting..

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Piggyvest review

We can boldly give our review on Piggyvest that they are worth dealing and trusting in, talking about the wonderful work they have done in the life of many Nigerian’s, we standard to be challenged that this online digital banking is the best and will continue being the best….feel free to invest and saving with them, we assure you that your money are highly secured with them.

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