Laundry Business: Tips On How to Start a Laundry Business

Laundry business has turned out to be one most lucrative businesses in Nigeria over a period of years.
The business is said to be among the most lucrative business considering the profit revenue and low cost of starting.

The laundry business can be started on a small scale considering the size of your pocket and on the other hand, you can start it in a very big way, everything depends on the size of your pocket.
The most interesting part of this business is that you can start it up without any cash, that is to say, working from home.

You can make use of your flat or an apartment for your laundry business and also it won’t consume much of your time.

The laundry business can be done as a part-time or side job. For individuals who have other business but wishes to increase there monthly or weekly income should consider starting up a laundry business as a part-time business. Here we recommend making use of your flat or your apartment for the business.

In this article, we will be explaining how you can start up a laundry business, what is required to start up the business, how you can run the business without making any loose, cost of starting up the business, how much you can make from the business, and how to promote your business after starting up.
Lets quickly take a look at how much you can make from the laundry business because we believe money is the most interest reason for starting up a business.

How much can I make from the laundry business?

Note that the calculations below are strictly for those who consider the business as a full-time work.
With the high number of Nigerians who are graduates and working-class men and women who also don’t like stressing themselves much on washing their own clothes by themselves, you can make millions of naira monthly from your laundry shop, let’s run the calculation below;
Let us assume you are charging N1000 for washing and ironing and you do deliver up to 20 shirts or senators (up and down) in a day (this is for a standard laundry shop), you are probably making N20,000 per day.

Also, if you do deliver up to 10-bed cover and you charge N2,500 for each, you are probably making N25,000 per day from there.
Summing up all, you are expecting the sum of N45,000 per day…hmmm that actually above someone monthly income sha.
If you are making N45,000 from your laundry business per day, you should be expecting N315,000 in a week and N1,260,000 in a month.
Note that you cannot achieve or making this amount from your laundry business working alone, you must have works like one or two works.

For instance, you placed your two workers on a monthly income of N15,000 each that is to say you will be spending the sum of N30,000 every month on your workers and after running making some expenses in the shop which you might spend up to N100,000 in maintaining the shop.
After the hole monthly expenses both the salary and shop maintenance, you will still have up to N1,130,000 in your account.
With this rough estimate, you don’t need any seer to tell you that the laundry business is one of the most lucrative businesses currently in Nigeria.

Reasons why people choose laundry business over other businesses today?

Your question may be why do people choose laundry business over other businesses in the country today…if this is your question then you can see the reasons behind their various choices below;

  • Sure daily income: Whether the economy is bad or not working class and rich people will always bring their clothes to the laundry for washing.
  • You can start up your laundry business without any capital so far as you are not a physically challenged person.
  • You can be working from home be it your house/apartment or friend’s house provided you have the strength and desire to make money.
  • You can be doing it part-time like a side hustle if you already have a job but still need side income.
  • It gives you time for yourself, this simply means that the laundry business can give you time to do other things like Iknow of a guy who is a blogger and also have a laundry/dry cleaning shop at Enugu.

Tips on how to run an effective laundry business

Here, we will explain 5 most effective tools in running a laundry business.

  1. Choose a location: For you to run an effective and profitable laundry business you have to make the location the first thing in your mind. This is because a good location can do wonders in your business, for instance, if you locate your business in a less competitive area, e.i. where no other laundry is, the people leaving around will have no other option but to bring their dirty clothes to your laundry shop and this can be considered as a very good start.
  2. Have all the required equipment needed in a laundry shop: Quote me, nobody wants his/her cloth to be damaged all in the name of patronizing a laundry shop. This is the main reason why we advise you have all the equipment needed in a good laundry shop, take, for instance, you that are reading this articles took your dirty cloth to a laundry shop and the services you got from them was sweet recommendable, am sure you will recommend more people like your friends and family to that same laundry shop but on the other hand, if you get a poor service from that same particular laundry shop, you will not want someone else to experience what you experienced in their hands you might even go to the extent of arresting the owner of the shop with police.
  3. Register your business: People love dealing with registered businesses because they see it that you that is the owner of the business can not run away with their money or you wouldn’t like to mess your brand name. Getting your business registered gives people including you and me more reasons to trust the business.
  4. Maintain a good standard: For a business to stand the teste of time, you must have to give that business a standard which it will continue operating under throughout its existence. Furthermore, you can add some useful services to your business like home delivery, giving a discount to your most regular customers and many more.
  5. Promote your business: Giving your business the full exposure can be another secret way to run an effective and profitable laundry business. For instance, after setting up a laundry shop, you can start by contact all this top Nigeria websites/blogs like,, and our own principle website to place your advert banner on their website or to write a solid business review touching all the areas of your business since your aim is to run an effective Nigeria laundry business. More so, you can give your business another leave of exposure through Google ad world by advertising the business on google AdSense just like did.

Equipment needed in running an effective/profitable laundry business 

Equipment is like a backbone to every business, without having a piece of equipment for a particular business, the business is as good as dead.
Note that we will not only list the equipment required in starting up a laundry business we will also provide links to where you can get them at affordable prices;

  1. Washing machine. Buy on Jumia
  2. Drying machine. Buy on Jumia
  3. Pressing iron/pressing table. Buy on Jumia
  4. Drying rack. Buy on Jumia
  5. Generator. Buy on Jumia
  6. Water.
  7. Shelves. Buy on Jumia
  8. Nylon and tags. Buy on Jumia
  9. Air-condition or gain a standing fan. Buy on Jumia
  10. You can also add small Television just to be keeping yourself business when you don’t have any work to do. Buy Tv on Jumia
  11. Buckets, basin detergent.

Cost of running a laundry business 

What does it cost to run a laundry shop in Nigeria?

Haven taken a look on the profit, requirements/equipment needed in starting and running an effective laundry business in Nigeria, lets quickly take a look on how much you need to have in hand before you can think of starting a laundry business in Nigeria.
Note that the figure we give on this article may not be the exact amount at the market, we are just running a rough estimate.

  • Washing machine – N70,000
  • Drying machine – N50,000
  • Pressing Iron – N3,500
  • Drying rack – N7,000
  • Generator – N80,000
  • Shelve – N10,000
  • Nylon and tags – N5,000
  • Air-condition or giant standing fan – N80,000 for Air-condition then N10,000 for the giant standing fan.
  • Buckets and basin – N8,000
  • Plasma Tv which will be used to entertain your customers – N65,000
  • Rent – N5000 per month and N60,000 for a year depending on your area.

Making it a total of N448,500 bear in mind that the estimate above is for standard laundry/dry cleaning shop.

Wrap Up

Laundry business is a lucrative business currently trending in Nigeria and also it is a clean way of becoming a millionaire within a few months of starting provided you started in a big and standard way.
If you have any question concerning this post or any other post on the website, you can reach us through our contact page we are 24hours ready to attend to your questions.

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