GTBank Affiliate Program: Make N100 On Each Referral

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GTBank affiliate program also known as IRefer affiliate program is another smooth and easy way to make cool cash online just by referring people to open an account with GTBank.

The GTBank affiliate program works almost exactly like the UBA affiliate program and it doesn’t require much of your time, you can be their affiliate marketer and at the same time maintaining your work for those that have.

In this article, we will explain every single relating to the GTBank affiliate program, how to join, requirements, ways to make money from the affiliate program, how to promote/advertise your affiliate services and so many more.

Before we proceed with the writing we would want you to know what the GTBank affiliate program is all about.
What GTBank affiliate program is all about?

The GTBank IRefer affiliate program is a system designed with the aim of helping Nigerian overcome their financial problems.

The Guarantee Trusted Bank is one of the biggest and must patronize banks in the hole Nigeria with there functioning branches all over the 36 states of Nigeria.

It’s a referral system that pays you N100# for every single person you referred by using your unique referral code.

We believe that as an affiliate marketer you claim to be, you must have known what affiliate marketing is all about and everything related to affiliate marketing but we will teach you as you proceed with this article.
Lets quickly look at the requirements for the GTBank affiliate program

The requirement for the GTBank affiliate program is what every single serious-minded person or group of persons can afford without undergoing any form of stress. The requirements are listed below;

  • Firstly you have to fill the online GTBank affiliate program/IRefer form.
  • Most importantly, you must have an active account with GTBank, that’s where all your affiliate commission will be deposited into.

How GTBank affiliate program/IRefer works

The GTBank affiliate program that pays you N100# for every single person you referred to open an account with GTBank through your unique referral code.
The mathematical aspect of the GTBank affiliate program

Lets quickly explain how you can make N50,000 weekly or monthly from the affiliate program.

Since they pay N100# per referral as their affiliate commission and you are opportune to be referring up to or more than 500 in a week or in a month, you are probably making the sum of N50,000 per week or per month…isn’t that good business, we assume yes to be your answer.

How to register for the GTBank affiliate program

After reading the article and you find the affiliate program what investing your time in, you should the following steps;

  1. The first rush to any GTBank branch near you to pick a form or try the online registration but we recommend you visit any of there branches because of Nigerians and their trust issues.
  2. Fill in the necessary information on the form and submit it to the GTBank branch that gave you the form.
  3. GTBank at there own end will generate an IRefer code which you will be using as your unique link.
  4. Finally, start inviting your friends and family to open an account with GTBank.

Rules guiding GTBank affiliate program

  • The referral must be made through the GTBank internet banking/mobile banking or visit any branch with the person you want to refer to remember to make use of your IRefer code because that the only way GTBank will know that you were the person that referred them.
  • The person you are referring to must have any of these accounts; GTCrea8 eSavers Account, GTInstant Account, Current Account, E-Account, GTMaz account and GTSave Account.

Should in case you need more rules and regulations guiding the GTBank affiliate program we advise you visit the GTBank official website.

How you earn from the affiliate program

Earning from the GTBank affiliate program is sweet easy just after inviting your friends and family to open an account with GTBank also remember to tell them to open any of the listed account types below;
GTCrea8 eSavers Account, GTInstant Account, Current Account, E-Account, GTMaz account and GTSave Account.

Note that the account opening can be done online or by visiting any nearest GTBank branch and fill the form with some required information.

After all this sweet long process, your account will be created with the sum of N100# as an affiliate commission…Yes, it’s not much like the one of UBA affiliate program but it means something.

Alternatives to GTBank affiliate program

There are many other alternatives to this GTBank affiliate which we have discussed here at Payglobal,  alternatives like;

  • UBA affiliate program which pays you N5,000 on every single person you referred to open a diaspora account with UBA.
  • Zedvance affiliate; the Zedvance affiliate is a little bit different from the other, this is because is a loan provider but they also run any affiliate system. Their affiliate system pays you the sum of N50,000 on every single person you referred to access a loan from them.
  • Branch loan affiliate; Here is another loan provider affiliate, their affiliate commission is pretty okay. You earn N1,500 once the person you referred to branch loan repay their first loan.

Tips on how you can get people to register with your referral code after joining the GTBank affiliate program

  • Reaching out to bloggers; here we are not talking about all the classless entertainment or news bloggers. What we mean by bloggers here are high class and authority domains like Legit, Lindaikejisblog, Naijaloaded, Tooxclusive, Lailasnews and many more. You can ask them to place an advert banner leading to your landing page or to write a review containing your people’s details and every step needed in the registration.
  • Social media: This is another way you can reach out to potential customers who can patronize your business. You can start by creating a Facebook page, Instagram handles or Twitter handle then start promoting what you do that is the GTBank affiliate on the social media pages you’ve built.
  • Talk to friends and family members: This tip is for those of us who have hundreds of friends. You can start by talking to your friend one after the other, telling them the need for them to have an account on GTBank. Let’s assume you have 50 friends and you have talked to the 50 of them, out of the 50 10 must consider opening a GTBank account. Note that the friends we are talking about here can be Nigerian based friends or those that leave outside the country.

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